Uh-huh Oh-yeh (Side B)


August, 1999




August of 1999 saw the unofficial premiere of the road trip movie we had filmed just months earlier. The movie wasn’t entirely finished, but it was cut together enough to show the locals before Jason packed up and headed back to Los Angeles. It’s official title: Wish You Were Here.

We packed into the living room of what I thought was Carrie’s North End apartment, where Jason had been crashing. I hadn’t seen Jason or Carrie since that hot July 4th a few weeks earlier. Thankfully, this was a cool (by comparison) August night. It wasn’t a large group– Jason, Carrie, her roommate Elissa (also in the movie), a couple guys that I think did some music for the the film, and Tim and I. Carrie sat next to me on their couch. She draped her legs over my lap and we got comfortable with each other fairly quickly. We all watched with giddy excitement and had a blast.

When the movie ended, Carrie’s legs stayed on my lap. Whatever flirting I was oblivious to (or purposely ignored) in July, I was open to it on this night. I mean, how could I not be? She was putting her all into it. I don’t recall the specifics, but it was some aggressive flirting. I mean, she literally threw her legs on top of me and wasn’t letting me go. I finally got the hint. This girl liked me.

Tim and I hung out for a while after the screening and I sat and talked with Carrie the entire time. I honestly do not remember anything we talked about or what we did. But I know I loved the whole vibe of the night there. At one point, the front door of their street level apartment was open and we were inviting strangers inside for some reason. Whatever the details of the night were, the main takeaway was that I enjoyed being there with Carrie. Of course, the T in Boston shuts down early and we had to take off far before I actually wanted to. A few days later, I called the apartment and spoke to one of the guys that had been there. I invited all them (and specifically Carrie) to a party at our place that weekend. He told me they’d be there.

None of them showed up.



  • “Sleep On the Left Side” – Cornershop
  • “Dire Tribe” – Gomez
  • “It Could Be You” – Blur
  • “Uh-Huh Oh-Yeh” – Paul Weller
  • “Combing My Hair” – Travis
  • “The Cowboy Song” – Gomez
  • “Destiny Calling” – James
  • “Vegas” – Sleeper
  • “There She Goes” – The La’s
  • “Let Forever Be” – The Chemical Brothers
  • “Besides Yourself” – Ocean Colour Scene
  • “Free to Run” – Gomez
  • “Waterfall” – The Stone Roses
  • “And Your Bird Can Sing” – The Beatles
  • “High and Dry” – Radiohead

This is a great mixtape, even with the repeat tracks from Gomez (and Travis and Radiohead, to lesser extents). As stated in the Side A post, this tape’s “British bands” theme was really just an excuse to load up on some Gomez. And one of my absolute favorite tracks of theirs is the Bring It On B-side “Dire Tribe.” Now, I’ve never taken a hard drug in my life, but songs like this one give me a bit of a vicarious thrill. It’s a rocking romp through a plethora of drugs, illegal and otherwise, that allow the protagonist to “feel much better.” I’ll still never take a hard drug, but it’s not difficult to understand what they’re singing about with the song’s closing line: “I’d rather die from emphysema than learn to just get by.”

But the tape has more to offer than just Gomez. My other favorite band at this time was Travis, represented on this side with one of their B-sides, “Combing My Hair.” Sleeper is also here, of course. And the track “Destiny Calling” is one of James’ best. It was this close to being this tape’s Super Ultra Mega Song.

God, seriously. What a fantastic song!


Musically, I tend to prefer traditional instrumentation. As Oasis once described themselves, “five guys in a band with guitars, no effects.” So I never really sought out the so-called electronic music of this era.  Ironically, it took a Noel Gallagher guest spot to get me to listen to The Chemical Brothers. I still never really became a full-fledged fan, but this song is stellar. And the Michael Gondry video ain’t half bad, either.


Directly following “Let Forever Be” is “Besides Yourself” by Ocean Colour Scene. And it’s a major tempo shift from one to the other. This is not, by any means, a crap song to which I have no explanation for including. It’s only finding it’s place here in the “Wait. What? Why?” section due to it’s placement. I should have picked another OCS track and saved this one for another, more mellow mix.  It’s too lovely to dismiss outright.


The La’s released only one album. And it was a classic from start to finish. “There She Goes” is absolutely timeless. On a mixtape loaded with some of my favorite songs, there was really no contest. This song is simple pop perfection. And that Sixpence None The Richer cover can go to hell.

NOW! Play it on Spotify (with a couple tracks unavailable, and the Beatles covered):


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