Rating The Tapes

Here’s a BEST to WORST rating of every mixtape from this blog– with its highlights and a brief reason for its placement. With every new posting, the latest mix will find its ranking on the chart.


01: Go! Bobby O! (Sep 1998)    This is the first great tape. The song selections are great, the flow is well thought out, and the variety keeps you engaged. A lot of the tapes immediately after this one become repetitive and stale. Go! Bobby O! sets a high bar that will be hard to beat.

02: Oasis X-Mas Mix ’98 (Dec 1998)  –  A lot of Oasis collections save “Champagne Supernova” for the end. Hell, even the band would close with it. BANG! Side A, track 1. Leaning more on longer album tracks, this Oasis mix a vastly superior than Live Forever. Only one or two tracks are minor duds, in retrospect.

02: Live Forever (Sep 1997)  –  The first tape. All Oasis. It’s not a “Best Of” the band. It’s not a rarities collection, either. It’s a hodgepodge, but it’s classic era Oasis.  Hard not to love.

03: For My Listening and Viewing Pleasure (Apr 1998)  – The first mix collecting songs from bands from somewhere other than across the pond. It was a tape made after college, made up of mostly college era songs. It’s a bit of a random mix, but gives a strong representation of me at that time.

04: Brit List (Apr 1998)  – A forced theme (all British bands) which repeats artists. But points are given for including the first Travis track to grace a mix: “The Line is Fine.”



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