The S.U.M.M.

For your listening and viewing pleasure, all the Super Ultra Mega Songs are below.

Collectively, they are The Super Ultra Mega Mix.

“Melanie Davis” – Supergrass
“Paranoid Android” – Radiohead
“Bust A Move” – Young MC
“Talk Tonight” – Oasis
“Why Does It Always Rain on Me?” – Travis
“Dogs Got a Bone” – The Beta Band
“So Whatcha Want” – Beastie Boys
“Revolutionary Kind” – Gomez
“The Field” – Throwing Muses (song starts @ 10:10)
“Speech Bubble” – Longpigs  (at 38:32)
“Kate” – Ben Folds Five
“The Line is Fine” – Travis
“Autumn’s Birds” – Cotton Mather
“Goodbye Little World” – Remy Zero
“There She Goes” – The La’s
“Cannonball” – The Breeders
“In The Aeroplane Over the Sea” – Neutral Milk Hotel
“El Scorcho” – Weezer
“Waterfall” – The Stone Roses
“Only the Good Die Young” – Billy Joel
“The Elephant” – Dodgy
“The Magic Number” – De La Soul
“Whippin’ Piccadilly” – Gomez
“Bonehead’s Bank Holiday” – Oasis
“Laid” – James
“Going Down Slow” – Huey Lewis and the News
“I Am the Resurrection” – The Stone Roses
“Live Fover” – Oasis

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